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About June

About June

June Sablan, Creator and Chief Designer of June Sablan Designs firmly believes that stylish accessorizing always sets a woman apart from the regular crowd.

After several years as a high-tech marketing professional, June departed from Silicon Valley to pursue her talent and passion creating custom jewelry pieces. Her handcrafted designs captivate the eyes of friends and strangers alike; wanting to know where they could find such a piece for themselves… and June Sablan Designs was born.

For June, there is tremendous joy and satisfaction as a treasure hunter. While passing over ordinary settings and stones and seeking out unique and uncommon jewels, her centerpieces command attention, setting the stage for exquisite art pieces. Complete with their own stories, and as demanding as the designs. June enjoys mixing sizes, textures and colors to create distinctive pieces. A timeless line of jewelry adorned for any occasion.

Distinctive jewelry isn’t just an expression of our individuality. It reflects our commitment to treasuring ourselves – our appreciation of our own uniqueness. From June’s extensive and continual search for treasures as centerpieces, to her talent for creating works of art reflecting a client’s personal inner beauty, June Sablan is the artisan of the highest caliber.

At its heart, June Sablan Designs captures the essence of each woman through the beauty of their customized jewelry.

June’s Philosophy

My mom has always been a source of inspiration and influence to my to my fashion style. As the youngest of seven children, my fondest memories as a child are of going shopping with my mom looking for unique finds all over the city of San Francisco.

When it comes to fashion, my mom has an eclectic style. Her philosophy is “If you love it, wear it! Don’t worry about it matching as long as it matches who you are.” A philosophy that I truly embrace and incorporate into all my home decorating, fashion styling and most of all designing jewelry today.