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Here is what clients are saying about June Sablan, Chief Designer of June Sablan Designs

I wanted to write and thank you for working with me to design the perfect jewelry to compliment the dress I was wearing to our granddaughter’s wedding on 10-10-10. I trusted your judgment completely and when you delivered the pieces I was amazed at how beautiful they were. The simple dress needed a statement piece and you hit the nail on the head. I received so many compliments that day – it made me feel quite special. I cannot wait to see the formal pictures. As always – you know just what to suggest for a perfect pairing of accessories. I SO appreciate your help with this most important task. Hugs to you!
– Donna V.

June creates beautiful designs!! I’m creative myself, but June really has a knack for designing unique and gorgeous pieces of jewelry. She chooses quality materials that will last. Whenever I wear one of her designs, I always get compliments on it.
– Judy R.

Every time I have worn one of June’s pieces or given one as a gift, they have received rave reviews. June has the uncanny ability to create beauty, balance, and uniqueness in every piece she designs. I have attended many jewelry shows and art shows and find June’s talent to be one of a kind. In the past, I have requested pieces to match certain outfits. I have never been disappointed! I will continue to look to June to create the finishing touches to compliment my outfits!
– Laura K.

June has created over 20 custom made necklaces/earrings/bracelets for me, in addition to at least 15 “off the rack” items I have purchased. What I appreciate is that I continue to get compliments every single time I wear June’s jewelry. I can’t imagine not having her as my personal jeweler as she has impeccable taste and knows my style. As an added bonus, June is a delightful person and brightens up my day whenever we get together.
StoneWear jewelry is the perfect place to find something to suit anyone’s taste.
-Julia O.

First impressions go a long way with me. The first time I saw June’s Jewelry I was very impressed due to how each piece was artistically executed and different. June showed me some beautiful vintage crystals from Austria and the story behind them of how they were discovered. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my husband. Both of our moms are avid history buffs of that era so we thought let see if June would make a couple of custom pieces for them. To say the least, June exceeded our expectations! Our moms loved the pieces and the story about the vintage stones. We wanted to get them a custom one of a kind piece made especially just for them. Thank you June for making our moms feel special!
-Judi S.

Hi my name is Rachel Capil. As a children’s lifestyle photographer, I photograph high-end clients all over the country. When I come across someone who is an expert in their field and a pleasure to work with, I naturally want to share them with others. If you want one of a kind, custom jewelry creations that reflect your personality and sense of style, June Sablan of StoneWear Jewelry is the designer for you.

I find when I wear June’s unique treasures, people not only notice me more, they compliment me more! Her designs make me feel beautiful, powerful and special. I can always count on June to deliver a unique art piece that will enhance my beauty while showcasing my own personal style.
-Rachel C.

I had June create the jewels for my wedding day and also for my entire bridal party. I had a stunning necklace with matching earrings; a unique set was made for each of my bridesmaids. I also had her make a set to match my mother’s outfit. I wanted my two young nieces to have a special custom bracelet for the wedding too!
I got many compliments on all the jewelry and the girls all loved them. I love the fact that my bridesmaids can wear these timeless treasures again for other occasions. I can’t say enough about what a treat it was to have June custom design the jewels for my big day, it was easy to meet with her and she handled every detail perfectly. Thanks June for making my day sparkle!
– Jenet R.

I am very impressed with the quality & uniqueness of StoneWear Jewelry. June’s pieces are elegant & stylish and her knowledge & passion makes finding the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one a complete and total pleasure.
-Laura B.

June makes beautiful semi-precious stone jewelry that any woman would love to wear. She helped me pick out a necklace and earring set that she made to give to my wife as a Christmas gift. My wife loves them. June’s jewelry is well-made and won’t fall apart like a lot of the department store stuff. Since it’s all custom-made, it’s one-of-a-kind, so my wife won’t worry about seeing “her” jewelry on someone else!
-Thomas P.

I come from the “formal” jewelry business. Although I have worked for some Big Name Jewelers, I just love June’s artistry and detailed attention to wearability and functionality. Not only does June have an eye for style, but she also uses quality ingredients and doesn’t skimp. Her attention to wearability comes through with length extenders, and toggle clasps on bracelets. Her designs exhibit a sense of balance and proportion, while offering distinctiveness and style. Wearing a “June” piece means you won’t look like all the other people wearing the status piece of the moment.
– Athens K.

June – I wanted to let you know that I love your Wish List Guide! First, it was so much fun trying on all the jewelry and picking out what to put on my list. And then, it was so easy for my husband to pick out a present that he knew I would love! Thank you for being so responsive and proactive with him. By the way — every time I wear my blue hibiscus necklace, people always exclaim over how beautiful it is!
-Lisa N.

The minute I laid eyes on June’s beautiful jewels, I knew at that moment that they were very unique and special. Being a man, I hardly pay attention to jewelry but the stunning stones and the blend of bright and beautiful colors that she uses got my attention immediately and they’re hard to ignore! I have been giving June’s jewelry, as gifts to my loved ones during special occasions and June’s jewelry have made them feel very special since they are getting something very extraordinary!
-Frederico D.

I’ve been a customer for several years now and I can’t tell you enough how amazing June’s jewelry is. Whether she has created something from her own vision or she has created something personally for you she always makes sure that you are 100% satisfied! Her creativity and passion is absolutely remarkable!
-Jamie S.

June is an amazing jewelry artist. Her eye for color and detail are what set her apart from others. When you wear her jewelry, you know you’re wearing a uniquely crafted piece. June designs from the heart and it shows.
-Lauren K.

June Sablan is truly an artist with creative and one-of a kind pieces that can make an outfit go from plain and ordinary to extraordinary. The craftsmanship on each piece is as though she makes it just for you with tender loving care. When my youngest son was baptized and I needed something special for this occasion. I instantly saw a beautiful mother of pearl necklace that caught my eye. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one that admired that particular piece; the compliments I received that day and continue to receive speak volumes for her work. Since having the pleasure of meeting June I have fallen in love with her work as well as with her infectious personality. Thank you June!
-Lucinda B.

June’s jewelry is beautiful and unique. Every time I wear one of her pieces (and I have many), I get compliments. Not only is June’s original work beautiful, she does fabulous custom pieces as well- I have had her make custom pieces for my teenage nieces and she has built custom pieces around heirloom pendants I received from my grandmother. What more can I say, other than her work is beautiful and creative. You will love it!
-Nicole M.

June’s jewelry is truly inspired. I get compliments on the pieces every time I wear them. She has such a sense of style and an effortless ability to help each person find the perfect match to their wardrobe and personality.
Her craftsmanship is outstanding. I know that when I wear ‘a June,’ I am wearing not just jewelry, but a part of her spirit.
– Michelle H.